Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer

Robert J. Penny, M.D., Ph.D

Dr. Robert Penny is the Founder and the CEO of Paradigm, a cutting-edge advanced diagnostics company that will help usher in the age of personalized medicine. Dr. Penny drove the vision and  launch of the company ,along with Dr. Hess the other founder at Michigan, to provide improved cancer treatments based on an individual’s cancer’s unique biology.  This is his sixth startup company; the previous five are all successful in the practice of medicine and financially.

Dr. Penny is also the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the International Genomics Consortium (IGC) in Phoenix, Arizona. He created and drove the success of IGC’s national Expression Project for Oncology (expO). Dr. Penny was awarded the Principal Investigator for the Biospecimen Core Resource (BCR) for the founding Pilot Project and the full project for The Cancer Genome Atlas Project (TCGA) and a separate award for TCGA’s founding Tissue Source Site network.  He has helped create the vision of TCGA through his expO work and helped lead the practice of Oncology to utilize molecular pathways and the drugs that work on those pathways (precise medicine)

While at the IGC, he envisioned and founded the Molecular Profiling Institute and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. The Molecular Profiling Institute is the first company to commercially introduce gene expression analysis into oncology in the U.S. He developed the successful commercially available test Target Now.

The College of American Pathologists awarded Dr. Penny the national organization’s 2012 Distinguished Patient Care Award for his extensive scientific translational research to accelerate the adoption of molecular pathways and associated therapies.  In 2011, the AZ BioIndustry Association honored Dr. Penny with the Jon W. McGarity Leadership Award for his vision in advancing cancer personalized medicine and success in leading the industry.

Dr. Penny received his B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Genetics) and M.D. from the University of Arizona and then went on to receive his pathology training at Harvard’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

David Mallery PresidentPresident

David Mallery, J.D., M.B.A

As a Co-founder and President of Paradigm, David Mallery leads the business, legal, corporate, finance, and development efforts of the company. Mr. Mallery is also Co-founder, President, and a Director of the International Genomics Consortium (IGC) in Phoenix, Arizona where he helped lead efforts to land and expand the IGC’s role as the Biospecimen Core Resource and Tissue Source Site network for The Cancer Genome Atlas program. He has also helped expand and leverage the utilization of the Expression Project for Oncology and facilitate research service by providing biobanking and support for a number of collaborators.

Mr. Mallery was also the Co-founder, President and a Director of the Molecular Profiling Institute and its subsidiary the Tissue Banking and Analysis Center (a joint venture with US Oncology). He helped commercialize the first comprehensive, evidence-based personalized molecular and genomic assay in oncology in the United States, Target Now, which continues to be utilized by tens of thousands of patients and physicians worldwide each year.  He also launched and helped commercialize many other top diagnostics in oncology today including the Progensa PCA3 prostate screen and Agendia’s MammaPrint.  Mr. Mallery helped lead this company through all of the financings and commercial transactions and ultimately through a successful merger. He subsequently served as the Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Caris Life Sciences (the acquiring company) and spearheaded acquisitions in blood-based diagnostics and global distribution and prospective research for Target Now. He was formerly the Principal Venture Analyst for the Calvert Group’s venture and equity fund investments and helped establish an independent biological science agency at the U.S. Department of Interior in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Mallery received a B.A. in Human Biology and Studio Art from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar Association.

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph D. Paulauskis, Ph.D.

Joseph D. Paulauskis is Chief Operating Officer for Paradigm and provides managerial leadership and scientific expertise in molecular biology, genomics and pathology. Most recently, Dr. Paulauskis was the Chief Research Officer at the International Genomics Consortium in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was responsible for overseeing the organization’s world-class research initiatives that assist scientists and biotechnology companies in translating genomic discoveries into improved patient care. He also directed the IGC’s extensive biobanking operations and ensures compliance with NIH/NCI, OSHA, and CLIA regulations.

Prior to joining the IGC, Dr. Paulauskis directed Genomics/Proteomics Groups in Drug Safety Research & Development for Pfizer, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He also managed the Genomic Pathology Laboratory, a collaborative effort between Pfizer and the University of Michigan Medical School. He next served for two years as Pfizer’s Global Head of Pharmacogenomics based in the Molecular Medicine Division in Groton/New London, Connecticut.

Dr. Paulauskis earned his B.S. from Viterbo University in Wisconsin and his M.S. and a Ph.D. from Miami University. He received Postdoctoral training at Harvard University in the Departments of Nutrition and Environmental Health. Before moving to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Paulauskis spent 11 years as Assistant and Associate Professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health in the Department of Environmental Health. His laboratories at Harvard focused on immunology, genetics and molecular mechanisms of pulmonary toxicity/inflammation. Dr. Paulauskis is frequently invited to scientific meetings and universities to speak on personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics and he has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles.